It is a great pleasure for us to invite you to participate at the 5th Iranian International Nondestructive Testing Conference (IRNDT 2018) to be held in Tehran from 4-5, November 2018 by the Iranian Society for Nondestructive Testing (IRNDT).
Following the success of our past four conferences, the IRNDT 2018 aims to create a nourishing environment for the members of IRNDT, academics, students, engineers, technicians and NDT companies to present their latest developments in the field of NDT and exchange their knowledge and experience with their peers. The Conference includes presentation of oral and poster papers, keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and a side exhibition. It is our intension to make IRNDT 2018 a unique and unforgettable NDT event for everyone. You are invited to join IRNDT 2018 by presenting a paper, participating in panel discussions and workshops or exhibiting your products at the exhibition.
We look forward to seeing you at IRNDT 2018, Tehran, Iran.

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    Farhang Honarvar

    IRNDT President

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    Naser Rastkhah

      Conference Chairman

It is a great pleasure for the Iranian Society for Nondestructive testing to invite you to the 5th International NDT Conference (IRNDT 2018) in Tehran, Iran from November 4-5, 2018. IRNDT2018 provides an international forum for engineers and scientists from all over the world to share their latest research findings and technological advancements. It includes paper and poster presentations, a technical exhibition and several panel discussions. IRNDT2018 is supported by several international NDT societies and organizations including the International Committee for NDT (ICNDT).

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Established in 2012, the Iranian Society for Nondestructive Testing (IRNDT) is devoted to serve the NDT community in Iran by promoting the profession of NDT and by facilitating the NDT-related research and education. IRNDT provides a forum for the exchange of technical and educational information and helps in the development of NDT standards and services for the qualification and certification of NDT personnel in Iran. IRNDT is the first Iranian society which joined ICNDT as a full member. It also held the biggest-ever NDT conference in Iran in 2015 with more than 600 participants. This Conference also included an exhibition of over 1000 square meters with over 30 companies from around the world. IRNDT’s main asset is its members and it is with their help and support that IRNDT can reach its goals for the betterment of the safety and peace of the whole mankind.

  • Fundamentals of NDT methods, including acoustic, thermal, electromagnetic, microwave, optical and ionizing radiation techniques
  • Signal and image processing techniques and applications in NDT
  • Sensors, transducers, and probes for NDT applications
  • New methodologies for characterizing flaws and distributed damages in NDT applications
  • Material characterization (properties, stress, texture, etc.)
  • NDE for advanced materials (composites, polymers, ceramics, and biological materials)
  • Health monitoring and life prediction
  • Education, Training and Certification
  • Application-specific NDT/NDE techniques (transportation, oil & gas, energy, building and construction, aerospace, etc.)

The 3rd Iranian International NDT Conference

Date: February 21-22, 2016
Venue: Olympic Hotel, Tehran-Iran
Number of Participants: 640
Side Exhibition: attendance of 30 companies in an area of more than 600 sqm

Presented Technical Workshops:

• Infra-Red Imaging in NDT Applications; By: Dr. Amir Movafeghi, Dr. Leila Sarkhosh
• Introduction to the Ultrasonic Phased Array Technique, By: Mr. Mostafa Mardani Kharrat
• Nondestructive Testing of Car Safety Parts in Mass Production, By: Mr. Mirmajid Ghaemi
• Modern Automatic Ultrasonic Systems for Testing Tube and Bar (Conventional & Phased Array Systems & Comparison), By: Dr. Wolfram Deutsch
• Advanced Automatic Electromagnetic Testing of Semi-finished Products ( tube, wire, bar, rail &.. ), Eddy Current & Leakage Flux Methods and Comparison, By: Dr. Thomas Knoell
• Testing Boiler & Condenser Tubes and Weld Seam of Tanks & Pressure Vessels by Modern Eddy Current Arrays, By: Mr. Keith Sinclair
• Phased Array Technology Developments, FMC (Full Matrix Capture) and TFM (Total Focusing Method), By: Mr. Laurent Leber
• Portable Digital x-ray Radiography (Advances, concepts and technology), By: Mr. Jan Brassendorf
• Phased Array Inspection with LPS-02 Crawler on Small Diameter Pipe, By: Mr. Cao Yan Liang

The 2nd International Conference on Technical Inspection and Iranian Nondestructive Testing

Date: October 21- 22, 2008
Place: Olympic Hotel Tehran
Number of Registered: 550
Side Exhibition: Attendance of 40 Companies in an Area of More Than 600 sqm

Presented Technical Workshops:

• Role of NDT in New Construction and In Service Inspection, By: Frits Dijkstra (NDT Consultant Applus RTD–NDTI Technological Center The Netherlands)
• Inspection of the Oil and Gas Equipment, By: Dr. Farshid Malek (Academic Member of Tarbait Modares University)
• Phased Array and TOFD Ultrasonic Testing Methods, By: Experts of the Shiraz Refinery and Toba Tak Companies
• Evaluation Based on the Suitability for the Purpose (API 579), By: Mr.Morteza Jafari (Member of the ASNT Board of Directors)
• Inspection of Rails, By: David Griffith (Railway Consultant Australia)
• Ultrasonic Testing-Principals, Equipment and Application, By: Dr. Farhang Honarvar (Academic Member of khajeh Nasiraldin Toosi University)

The 1st International Conference on Technical Inspection and Iranian Nondestructive Testing

Date: October 23-24, 2007
Place: Olympic Hotel, Tehran-Iran
Number of Participants: 500
Side Exhibition: Attendance of 32 Companies in an Area of More Than 450 sqm

Presented Technical Workshops:

• Inspection and Maintenance Based on the Situation, By: Dr. Mehdi Behzad (Academic Member of the Sharif University of Technology)
• Inspection of the Oil and Gas Equipment, By: Dr. Farshid Malek
• Evaluation Based on the Suitability for the Purpose, By: Mr.Morteza Jafari (Member of the ASNT Board of Directors)
• Ultrasonic Testing: Principals, Equipment and Application, By: Dr. Farhang Honarvar (Academic Member of Khajeh Nasiraldin Toosi University)

Paper Submition
کلیه مقالات پذیرفته شده درکنفرانس در پایگاه استنادی علوم جهان اسلام (ISC) نمایه می‌شود.
کلیه مقالات  انگلیسی پذیرفته شده در بزرگترین بانک اطلاعاتی ان دی تی جهان ( نمایه می‌شود

کارگاه تخصصی و آموزشی

همزمان با برگزاری پنجمین کنفرانس بین‌المللی آزمون‌های غیرمخرب ایران، در راستای اهداف کنفرانس و به منظور ارتقای سطح دانش و فناوری آزمون‌های غیرمخرب در جامعه ان‌دی‌تی کشورمان و نیز انتقال تجربیات ارزشمند متخصصین این حوزه به کارآموزان، دانشجویان، کارشناسان وکارکنان فعال در زمینه آزمون‌های غیرمخرب در صنایع مختلف از قبیل نفت،گاز و پتروشیمی، صنایع هوایی، صنایع دفاعی، صنایع خودرو و ریلی، صنایع انرژی و نیروگاه‌ها و صنایع ساخت و سرویس تجهیزات، بویلر، مخازن و لوله‌ها، دوره‌های پیشرفته ان‌دی‌تی در قالب کارگاه‌های آموزشی و تخصصی توسط متخصصان صاحب‌نام دانشگاهی و صنعتی، بصورت نظری و عملی برگزار خواهد شد.

تمامی علاقه‌مندان می‌توانند پس از اعلام نهایی عناوین کارگاه‌ها و برنامه زمان‌بندی آن‌ها در وبسایت کنفرانس (که متعاقبا اعلام می‌شود) نسبت به ثبت‌نام و شرکت در آن‌ها اقدام نمایند.

همچنین اساتید محترم دانشگاهی و متخصصان صنعتی در صورت تمایل به ارائه کارگاه آموزشی و تخصصی در کنفرانس می‌توانند فرم پیشنهاد ارائه کارگاه را از طریق لینک زیر دریافت و پس از تکمیل آن به همراه رزومه خود، حداکثر تا 1397/5/7 به دبیرخانه علمی کنفرانس ارسال نمایند.

نکات قابل توجه ارائه دهندگان کارگاه:

جهت بررسی کارگاه پیشنهادی، رزومه خود را به همراه فرم تکمیل شده (الزاما در قالب فایل word) و تنها با موضوع ایمیل “workshop” به دبیرخانه علمی ارسال دارید.
عناوین کارگاه‌های پیشنهاد شده جهت ارائه در کنفرانس، در کمیته علمی و راهبری کنفرانس بررسی و نتایج مربوطه حداکثر تا 1397/7/30 به متقاضیان اعلام می‌شود.
با توجه به تصمیمات کمیته راهبری کنفرانس حق پذیرش یا رد عناوین کارگاه‌های پیشنهادی برای دبیرخانه علمی کنفرانس محفوظ است. آدرس پست الکترونیکی دبیرخانه علمی کنفرانس جهت هرگونه مکاتبه است.